Monday, July 30, 2007

Uh Hello?

Mitt Romney values his family, and when it comes to his presidential
campaign, his family members are providing value for him......
....the former Massachusetts governor and his brood are telegraphing another
message to voters, especially social conservatives pivotal in the GOP primaries
and caucuses: Mitt Romney is no John McCain, Rudy Giuliani or Fred

Fred Thompson happens to be extremely cool, I had screwdrivers with him once in his trailer when I was doing bg (background extra) work on L&O (Law and Order). More on that later.

“Because you’ve got candidates in this campaign who have not had long,
solid marriages and family life, it’s a solid point of contrast,” said Danielle
Vinson, a political-science professor at Furman University. “It’s a subtle way
to point out that he’s different from Giuliani without coming out and saying
Giuliani has been married however many times and had a nasty divorce.”

Uh Hi. I guess no reporter out there has google or wants to do an ounce of work. I don't think it shows real family values to ignore your son because he's half Jew or because he had a soda or a beer! I don't think it proves you have family values when 5/6ths of your sons hang out with you because you have millions of dollars to pay them and put them on your payroll!

I'm sure if Fred Thompson had kids they would want to hang with him, he smokes, he drinks, he parties... he's fun!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Where have I heard this one before

The Republicans’ presidential YouTube debate, scheduled for Sept. 17 in Florida, may move to another date, given reservations that some of the candidates have expressed about both the date and the format....

....Mr. Madden said the Romney campaign’s decision not to participate was “not a question of format, it’s a question of our travel schedule.”

Sounds a lot like, I can't come to your birthday party, Seth, because my travel schedule requires I attend a very urgent screening of 'Fletch' with Tagg. Or "I can't attend your high school graduation, Seth, because I have a dentist appointment that evening." What dentist schedules appointments at 7pm on a Saturday night?

I'm sure Dad's "travel schedule" requires him to be somewhere warm, as far away as possible from talking snowmen. Blam! In your face!