Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Boring Weekend At Home By Myself

Had a pretty good weekend. Played some solitaire. Then I spent late Sunday night through Monday morning just hanging out at home, watching my new TV and messing around on my new computer, both which were purchased with my own money at a store that does not give receipts. (Can't remember the name of the store, because it was pretty dark outside.)

Yup. Nothing out of the ordinary. Thought I'd just let people who might be reading my website know what I was up to this weekend, and where I was.

Oh, and totally unrelated: Dad had some bad news over the weekend. Really sorry to hear about it. I guess if everyone got handouts from their dad they wouldn't have to steal stuff from rich people.


Alicia Morgan said...

Dear Seth: I am totally behind you one thousand percent!!!!!!!!!

You deserve to have some of whats your's. I cant believe that your own father who is supposed to be about 'family values' (not!) has abandoned you so shamefully. I mean, heck, he could have even got married to your mom, right, and still have been able to be religious, as long as he lived in certain parts of the state if you know what I mean.

I'd sure like to see QBA and your mom as 'co-wives'! wouldn't that make a great reality show?

TheSixteenthHour said...

Hey Seth,
Glad to read that you were just having a normal dull weekend what with all the crime going on nowadays in the political venues (to say nothing of all the break-ins to political HQ's).

Besides receipts are so yesterday, just ask any one who ever helped L. Paul Bremer ever pay for something with a money football! "Bring a bag, we pay in cash!" that was his motto, not "And don't forget your receipt!"

Happy Rosh Hashanah, today the shofar blowing isn't just for Connecticut for Lieberman party Dude.

Jolly Roger said...

Hey Seth, I'll bet you it was McCain's people, trying to find out just who and where you are! They saw how good those rumors worked when the "brown baby" phone calls cost McCain the South back in 2000.

They must really be inept. We found you, and we weren't even looking!

Fernando said...
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Fernando said...

Too many Americans have to live with possum families under their house.

Have you ever seen a possum Seth? They look like little monsters.

Has any Romney lived in a house where there were possums?

Fernando said...

Now papa wanna rearrange the dollar. How much $ is that today?

christine said...

lookit, Romney's donor Mel Sembler, wealthy from residential teen drug treatment programs, is starting this Moveon.org opposition