Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I will lay higher!

I have a message for Tagg and the rest of the world, and words won't do it justice. I'm Seth Romney-Levinson and I demand to be seen:


christine said...

Are you filming that off of a video camera in Staples?
Why don't you enter a career of real estate, like the other Romneys. Just watch 'Flip that House'. You get loans for a few houses (take out extra equity and buy yourself a camera phone!), and then install refrigerators, granite countertop, crown molding of course, and perhaps take out a wall to open up the space. They go up $100K in value.

The Sixth Brother said...

FYI- I am in real estate and actually knew someone who knew someone who did well on "Flip That House". I own two properties at the moment thattechnically have liens against them. One has a technical lien the other is supposedly foreclosed but I just have to explain things to the lender, which I cannot do at the moment as it is best to do these things in person and I have yet to determine the physical location and the name of the lending institution which is holding my mortgage.

Emil said...

I've learned from insomnia-inspired TV watching that NOW is the time to pick up another property. This dip in prices for homes in the U.S. is only temporary. Joseph Smith willing, your dad's leadership would help skyrocket prices.
Never mind locating your financial institution, find out if you can extend your credit line. Then, one day, you could even get one of those cameras from rent-a-center.
But you surely know this already. Anyone who sprung from the loins of Romney has an acute business sense and, well, the jew part can't hurt.