Tuesday, August 21, 2007

QBA's memory problem

Hey Tagg! I am working on getting my video up on youtube-- I had to go back to staples to burn it to disk off of the computer there....you'll get your answer soon.. In the meantime, hope I'm not telling tales out of school..Haha!

I have to laugh every time I read an article about how QueenBitch "boo hoo I hate abortions" Ann cut a check to Planned Parenthood in 1994, especially when she claims she doesn't remember it at all, like in this interview she did on FOX Sunday:

"A check for $100 written in 1993, I believe, was when the check was…I don't even remember writing the check," Mrs. Romney said on "Fox News Sunday".

"I mean, how do you remember all the checks you've written, you know, how many years ago was that?"

Wonder why I find all this stuff so funny? No, it's not because she's a liar (which she is) or a dog-killer (which she also is) or once owned slaves. (which I can't technically prove- I had a tape recording but the tape broke and I tried to scotch tape it together but it was difficult and I never thought I would need it....whatever) And not even because you'd think someone who hates abortions so much might remember donating cash to the premier place to have an abortion.

Here's why it's so funny to me: see, it's pretty well-known in the Romney family that Ann is a "Drunk Endorser." (As opposed to Dad who is a one time "Drunk Impregnator" but that's a different story) Sometimes, when people get drunk they dial their ex-girlfriends and sometimes they throw all my stuffed animals on the grill and set them on fire just for laughs. (thanks again for that, Dale––you dick.) When Queen Bitch Ann gets wasted she cuts checks. To anyone. Like, randomly. That's just what she does. After about two Sea Breezes, she pulls out her checkbook and says, "Who needs some cash?" Of course, Tagg/Fag was always the first to line up for one of those hand-outs.

I witnessed all of this when I was twelve and a half and my Dad had told my Mom that he wanted me to spend my first week with his family- turns out he was just trying to convince me not to get Bar Mitzvahed. Anyways, if none of us were around, she'd open to a page in the phone book and just pick someone. And the next morning she wouldn't remember any of it. She cut checks to Planned Parenthood, the Church of Scientology, N.A.M.B.L.A., Travis Tritt––you name it all in the course of the most miserable week of my life.

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