Friday, August 10, 2007

Pro-Choice and Anti-Seth

Dad is getting nailed again and again because he keeps switching his position on abortion. This article slams him and questions whether anybody will ever be able to trust his pro- life bona fides.:

Romney could very well win the GOP nomination. If he does, establishing credentials as a truth-teller will be harder than establishing credentials as an abortion-rights opponent.

I have some trust issues with my Dad but in his defense, I've seen Dad's opinion on abortion shift a bunch over the years and he at least had a rationale. For instance, my mom told me that around the time she told him she was pregnant with me, he was really, really adamant about her rights to have an abortion. In fact, he really encouraged her to exercise her right to choose. I mean, really, really encouraged it, even if it meant having to find a doctor to perform the abortion illegally, like in Dirty Dancing. He said it was a statement about sovereignty or something. He kind of kept at it, too. On my third birthday, he sent a card to my mom with a note that said, "you know, it's still not too late." I think he was joking.

But then again, Dad has some really sincere pro-life views as well. How else can you explain his decision to keep Josh to full term? I'm not kidding—even Joseph Smith, Jr. would have given dad a free pass on that one.

So I guess the whole abortion thing is kind of complicated. Sometimes my dad is pro-choice; sometimes he's pro-life. I guess it depends on the situation, and whatever works best for him. Shit, even Fred knows there are situations when an abortion is cool and not cool.

Judging by some of the photos I've seen of Dad on the campaign trail lately, I can say he still remains very, very pro-Dry Look. No flip-flopping on that one at all. And Craig and the rest of my brothers seem to be very pro-sugar cubes and oats. Seriously, those guys are like Mr. Ed without the dry wit. Somebody should check Ann's genealogy! (Horse)Faced! Jerks!

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Craig is a cool kid.